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Cześć! Moikka!


Misia Siennicka

My name is Misia Siennicka. I am a new trainee at the AIDA II project. I originally come from Poland where I graduated from Architecture, but I have spent last couple of years in Rovaniemi studying Arctic Art and Design. My task in AIDA project is working on illustrations for educational materials.

My way to learning about AIDA had been long, but I am glad to have found this place. It started back in 2018 when I visited Arktikum museum for the first time. I have then had my first encounter with joik. I have always been drawn to the pure sounds of traditional music, and I felt calling in a way that made me come back to Finland, start studying in Lapland and learning more about these, then unknown, chants. I decided to research more about it, write essays for my Arctic culture classes, and write my thesis about it. I decided to interview joikers about their journey, but the first interview led me to shift to duodji, since the concept of transculturalism is clearer when working with the tangible. I tried to learn as much as possible about Saami handicrafts, from, among many, modern day “archives” – Instagram. There I found the project and decided to apply for the traineeship.

I am really excited about upcoming months with AIDA, I am enthusiastic about learning more, and I am really looking forward to exploring Inari.