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About AIDA

What are the projects?

Image is from Nils-Johan Labba's archive: objects from his studies: first guksi, needlecase, one of his first knives, and a sketch book.

Arctic Indigenous Design Archives known as the AIDA, receive and conserve the Duojár archives and strive to improve their accessibility with sustainable methods. Whilst preserving Sámi living culture for future generations, we research and develop new indigenous archive practices with cross-border cooperation.

The collaborative members behind AIDA are the Sámi Archives of the National Archives of Finland, the Ájtte - Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum in Sweden, and the Sámi University of Applied Sciences (Sámi allaskuvla) in Norway.

The culture heritage projects of AIDA, enabled with the Interreg Nord program funding, are:

  • AIDA (I), active from 2017 to 2019
  • AIDA II - Archives as Actors, active from 2020 to 2022

The second and currently in progress of the two projects, “AIDA II – Archives as Actors”, is led by the Ájtte museum.


Image: Nils-Johan Labba's Archive / Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum

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