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Image: Sámi Archives

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(In English) My name is Misia Siennicka. I am a new trainee at the AIDA II project. I originally come from Poland where I graduated from Architecture, but I have spent last couple of years in Rovaniemi studying Arctic Art and Design. My task in AIDA project is working on illustrations for educational materials...


Vi kan meddela att AIDA-projektet har tagit emot ytterligare ett arkiv.
Konstnären och slöjdaren Per-Isak Juuso har valt att skänka sitt arkiv till Ájtte, 


Students on the Duodje- ja digitála muitalusat (Duodji craft and Digital Narratives) -course have learned how to use museums and archives as a part of their duodji-process. They also learn how to make their duodji visually attractive and effectiveness of narrative in duodji. Practical design and way to craft are important, when learning how to make duodji.

Oahppu lea oassin Interreg AIDA-prošeavttas (Arctic Indigenous Design Archives), masa Sámi allaskuvla, Ájtte musea ja Sámi arkiiva Anáris leat searvan. Duodje- ja digitála muitalusat oahpus studeanttat ohppet geavahit dávvirvuorkkáid ja eará vuorkkáid vuođđun iežaset duddjomis. 

Studeanttat ohppet, mo sáhttá sin duodji lea visuálalaččat geasuheaddji ja mo sin duojis lea beaktilis muitalus.
Praktihkalaš duddjon ja hábmenoassi deattuhuvvo, go galgá hárjehallat duddjot ja ráhkadit muitalusa. Oahpus


Konstnären Katarina Pirak Sikku har nu donerat sitt arkiv till projektet AIDA och vi är tacksamma för donationen. Under Jokkmokks marknad 1-3 Februari 2018 kommer ett urval ur hennes arkiv att visas i Ájtte och Sametingets biblioteket som finns i Ájabyggnade.

The artist Katarina Pirak Sikku has now donated her archive to the AIDA project in Sweden. Àjtte museum is grateful for the donation. Under Jokkmokk´s market 1-3 February 2018, a selection of her archives will be on display in Ájtte´s and Sámetinget´s library located in Ája.


Duodje- ja digitála muitalusat -course is in progress right now in the Sami university of applied sciences in Kautokeino, Norway. The course is part of the AIDA project and during the course the participants learn about the importance of documentations of one’s own work processes.  The course also includes two excursions - one to Jokkmokk, Sweden, and the other to Inari, Finland.


The students of Duodje- ja digitála muitalusat course visited Inari on 21-24th of November. While in Inari the students also visited the Sámi archives. Inka Kangasniemi, a designer and


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