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Image from Aune Kuuva's Archive: two pages of a photo album, one with protective paper. There are two pictures on the front page with a girl, boy and a hairy creature doll in the wild.

In the first project AIDA’s workshops were directed to youth, now our program is based on several activities. In some cases, we have turned to a wider, international audience, and in other cases we have had more intimate conversation with craftsmen and artists, as well as arranged internal workshops in the project.

Children and youth are also still involved through workshops attached to their archive visits.

All our activities have had a common thread: How can we indigenise the work in archives and museums? We are happy to hear of the wishes and needs of our partners, the craftsmen, and artists.

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Past Events


Indigenous Archives Today and Tomorrow

Hybrid Conference | October 2021

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Writing Academic Text in Sami

Internal Workshop | May 2021

In this workshop organised by the Sámi Archives, Vuokko Hirvonen and Annika Pasanen inspired us to write academic text in Sami.

AIDA II -project will be presented through a special issue in the journal, Dieđut, research serie.


Conversations About Duodji

Public Workshop Serie | January – March 2021

The Conversations About Duodji was a series of conversations about archives and duodji where we turned directly to craftsmen and artists who had established archives.

Ájtte museum arranged a conversation about copying duodji. Lecturers were Christina Zetterlund (SV), Sigga-Marja Magga (FI), Katarina Pirak Sikku (SV), Anna Stina Svakko (SV).

Sami allaskuvla arranged a conversation where the research assistants Berit Guvsám (NO) and Laila Kuhmunen (SV) discussed how the craftsmen's archives inspired them in their own scientific and artistic processes.

Sami Archives’ workshop was designed for archive donators and possible donators from a request, including presentations i.e., from Raimo Lepistö (FI) of archive donators’ legal rights in Finland, Suvi King (FI) of archiving processes in the Sámi Archives and the accessibility of archive materials, as well as Heini Wesslin (FI) of the meaning of the archive materials for research of duodji.

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Curating Duodje and Dájdda Exhibitions

Webinar | October 2020

The Curating Duodje and Dájdda Exhibitions was a webinar where duodji and dájdda (art) appear in several different contexts as the theme “What involves to exhibiting duodji?” was discussed with a large international audience.

High-profile lecturers were Jérémie McGowan (NO), Kimberley Moulton (AU), Áile Aikio (FI), Carola Grahn & Maria Ragenstam (SV), Zoe Black (NZ), Maaike Halbertsma & Anita Bjørnback (NO), Sunna Valkeapää (FI), Joar Nango (NO) & Katarina Spik Skum (SV).

Curating exhibitions from a Sámi perspective is linked to the AIDA II -project's goals of indigenizing archive activities.

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AIDA (I) Workshops

Custom Made Workshops | 2018/2019

In AIDA (I) -project two workshops were organized for youth – the first in Inari in August 2018 and the second in Jokkmokk in May 2019. The participants were pupils of the comprehensive schools from Inari and Jokkmokk.  Educational materials developed in the project were tested in practise at the workshops. Simultaneously the workshops gave an opportunity for the youth to use Sámi languages and to strengthen their relationship to Sámi culture and to experience culture heritage in present.


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