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Curating Duodje & Dájdda Exhibitions

13. October 2020 (Online seminar/workshop)

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Curating Duodje & Dájdda Exhibitions

When: October 13th. Checking in from 08:30 (CET) and ending at 17:00 
Location: In space (digital) University 
Organizers: Sámi University of Applied Sciences, Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi museum, Sámi Archives in Finland

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How can we curate exhibitions based on duodje ways of thinking and bring Sámi experience to a focus? The AIDA project arranges an online seminar/workshop on October 13th. During the workshop we want to discuss and share experiences on how these curatorial practices could be done. Join us, you too! Our participating speakers are Áile Aikio, Jérémie McGowan, Kimberley Moulton, as well as Zoe Black, Carola Grahn/Maria Ragnestam, Maaike Halbertsma & Anita Bjørnback, Joar Nango/Katarina Spik Skum and Sunna Valkeapää.

The terms curate and curator come from English. A curator is a person who shapes exhibitions. Duodje and dájdda are being exhibited in different contexts and places; galleries, art halls, both art and cultural history museums, and even at festivals and biennales. It is often said that there are special conditions that must be taken into account when working with duodje exhibitions, but we hardly elaborate on them. In this workshop we want to discuss the conditions in question. This way we might get a deeper understanding of how to work in accordance with duodje thinking. Currently there is no professionalization of the curating competence for duodje. Is there a need for one? The workshop is part of the AIDA projects´ goal to indigenize the archive practices.

The workshop is open to all. But we especially welcome students in duodje, persons who have allocated archives in the AIDA project and we also turn to professionals who work with exhibitions and everybody else who generally cares about the topic. Our goal is that you are actively taking part in the workshop and the conversations. After the workshop the participants will have gained insight into what indigenous exhibition design might look like. If you participate the whole day, you are eligible to get a course Certificate.

Practical information

Plenary conversations are held in English and Sámi and translated to North Sámi and English. Coffee table conversations are either in Sámi, English or Scandinavian languages.

When you sign up for the workshop, please also tick off what coffee table conversation you would like to join. Please note that registration ends October 5th 2020 (CET). 

Program of the seminar/workshop 


Sámi Archives
Inker-Anni Linkola-Aikio,

Sámi University of Applied Sciences
Gunvor Guttorm,

Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum
Anna Westman Kuhmunen,