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Curating Duodje & Dájdda Exhibitions, 13. October 2020

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Tuesday October 13th 2020 (CET)

08.30-09.00 | Entrance to online seminar

09.00-09.30 | Welcome to the AIDA workshop

  • Gunvor Guttorm, Inker-Anni Linkola-Aikio, Anna Westman Kuhmunen

09.30-10.10 | Keynote lecture
How to help the duodji and museum worlds to communicate.

  • Áile Aikio

10.10-10.20 | Break

10.20-11.00 | Keynote lecture
Critical Speculation and Curatorial Fiction: Some thoughts about the non-existent Sámi Dáiddamusea.

  • Jérémie McGowan

11.00-12.00 | Lunch

12.00-12.40 | Keynote lecture
Being Present: First Peoples Curatorial Methodology. 

  • Kimberley Moulton

12.40-13.00 | Break/Entrance to online coffee table discussions

13.00-14.15 | Three parallel coffee table discussions

Coffee table 1:
In dialogue with local artists - case from Aoteaora.

  • Zoe Black (eng.)

Coffee table 2:
Bakom hörnet vindens jojk - Curating Sami art in and beyond Sápmi.

  • Carola Grahn and Maria Ragnestam (swed.)

Coffee table 3:
To wear gákti only when all others do - thoughts about #gákti365 performance and further.

  • Sunna Valkeapää (saN.)

14.15-15.00 | Plenary conversation about Coffee table discussions

15.00-15.15 | Break

15.15-16.30 | Two parallel Coffee table conversations

Coffee table 4:
Improvisation, collaboration and site-sensitivity in indigenous design.

  • Joar Nango and Katarina Spik Skum (scand.)

Coffee table 5:
Reflection on the exhibition Bistilis ja beaktilis feaddáduddjon / Sustainable and intense crafts in root material.

  • Maaike Halbertsma and Anita Bjørnback (saN./eng.)

16.30-17.00 | Plenary conversation about Coffee table discussions

Practical information:

Plenary conversations are held in English and Sámi and translated to North Sámi and English. Coffee table conversations are either in Sámi, English or Scandinavian languages.

When you sign up for the workshop, please also tick off what Coffee table conversation you would like to join. Please note that registration ends October 5th 2020 (CET). 

Invitation of Curating Duodje and Dájdda Exhibitions



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