AIDA II - Arctic Indigenous Design Archives (AIDA)


– Archives as Actors

Image from Solveig Labba's Archive: paper and fabric archival materials on dark fabric as well as Sofia Jannok fan postcard, exchange of letter and drawing of a dress.

AIDA II – Archives as Actors is the second and currently in progress of the two so-called AIDA projects. In the project, archives are elevated as actors of the present moment in addition to collective memory and keepers of the past.

The project is led by the Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum in 2020–2022.

Dieđut's, a multi-disciplinary research series, theme number “AIDA II – Archives as Actors” will be published in 2022.

Let’s “Gulahallat” – Discussions for Mutual Understanding and New Solutions

The AIDA II -project research community based and indigenous methods for transforming archives and museums’ working practices.

Our central questions are:

  1. How duojárs, students, researchers, and other archive users can enhance and find archive materials in new ways, and...
  2. How can archive methodology be adapted better to Indigenous Peoples’ worldview and Sámi practices?

Several common and local activities will be held in Sápmi to try out new forms of collaborations, i.e., workshops, seminars, via social media, and other public outcomes, where Sámi communities are welcomed to discuss these issues.

Additionally, scientific assistants from the Sámi University of Applied Sciences (Sámi allaskuvla) are doing duodji based research with the Duojár Archives.

On top of the upgraded goals in the AIDA II, the work initiated in the first AIDA -project continues, e.g., by establishing new archives at the Ájtte museum and the Sámi Archives as well as developing this homepage and our other communication tools. For example, our Instagram campaign and exhibition #muduodjearkiiva was published in the Wintermarket 2021.

AIDA II is funded by the EU Interreg Nord V, the Lapin Liitto, the National Archives of Finland, the Norlands County Council, the Troms County Council, the Finmarks County Council, the Sámi Parliament of Norway, the Sámi University of Applied Sciences, the National Swedish Handicraft Council, the Sámi Parliament of Sweden, the Norrbotten County Council, the Sameskolstyrelsen, and the Ájtte - Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum.


Image: Solveig Labba's Archive / Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum

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