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Duojár Archives

- Preserved heritage

The Duojár Archive introduces individuals as well as communities who have participated to the Arctic Indigenous Design Archives (AIDA) -project and donated their archives into Ájtte Museum or Sámi Archives. In the profiles are also information of the donated archives, which locations are tagged either with [AJTTE] Ájtte Museum or [SA-FI] Sámi Archives.

In addition to the Duojárs listed below Gunvor Guttorm [AJTTE], Jouni S. Laiti [SA-FI], Suoma Sámi Dáiddasearvi ([SA-FI], Sámi Artists of Finland Association) and Finnish Designer Simo Heikkilä [SA-FI] with his duodji inspired archive materials are part of the project.

Further Information

Please be in contact with us if you wish to study original archival materials in Ájtte or Sámi Archives, need assistance accessing digital materials or want to donate your own archive to AIDA-project and share your story as a Duojár.

Usefull links:

Ájtte Museum's database: collections.ajtte.com/web
National Archives (of Sweden) database: sok.riksarkivet.se/nad
The National Archives of Finland's Digital Archive: digi.narc.fi/digi (in English)
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