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Want to help us to tell what duodji is? Share your archive of duodji!

Social media campaign - Instagram exhibition

#muduodjearkiiva #mudáiddaarkiiva #muvduodjevuorkká #movvætnoevåarhkoe #muutuâjjarkiiv #muutyejiarkkâdâh #mittduodjearkiv #duodjiarkistoni #myduodjiarchive

#Muduodjearkiiva is now @Muduodjearkiiva !

Autumn 2020 AIDA II started the challenge about sharing your own duodjiarchive in social media. Now we will present the result in a unique exhibition in Instagram.

@muduodjearkiiva Exhibition

@muduodjearkiiva is an Instagram exhibition. Through images and texts it presents 14 participants’ experiences of their own duodji archives (sámi handcraft archives). It is all related to their instagram posts with #muduodjearkiiva or equivalent hashtags. The exhibition is structured under themes: archives and archival material, duodji and art and finally process and authorship. Singular participants’ images have been presented as unified as possible. As an exhibition platform Instagram enables moving between the feed and singular posts. Multiple image posts open more images as well as films, making the experience multidimensional. 

When visiting exhibition please note and emphasize ethical practises related to sharing images in social media or using images for commercial purposes. Respect not only participants’ ownership to the images but also to the content they are sharing. 

Participants are:, @duodjibylise, @elleduodji, ElleMina Kuoljok Baer, @elinakuhmunen, @elsalabbaduodji, @houseofduodji, Ida Maria Marakatt, @juksahkka, @njlabba, Paulus Kuhmunen, @perisakjuuso, @samiskakocken /Kristoffer Åström and @ulrikatapioblind.

Direct link to the exhibition (for Instagram users):

And keep sharing your archives, the challenge continues!

Everything you’ve saved that belongs to your duodji work is your archive; newspaper articles, photographs, test pieces, failed works, used works, unfinished works, patterns, letters, experiments, marketing, etc. Things that are not seen in exhibitions, things that tell YOUR duodji story.

Your duodji archive has a great value. It contributes to a better understanding of duodji.

How to take part

1. Share photos in Instagram with selected archive material, tell about it and why you have saved it.

2. Tag with: #muduodjearkiiva or #mudáiddaarkiiva or the language you prefer: #muvduodjevuorkká #movvætnoevåarhkoe #muutuâjjarkiiv #muutyejiarkkâdâh #mittduodjearkiv #duodjiarkistoni or #myduodjiarchive.

3. Also tag our account @muduodjearkiiva, then we’ll post selected photos to our site.

When you participate with a campaign hashtag, you give us permission to save the image in AIDA's archive* and to publish image and text within the AIDA II project. For example, on our website, blog, exhibitions and social media.

Hope you want to participate!

Within the AIDA project there are 24 duojár-archives established at Ájtte museum and Sámi arkiiva. We are also very glad to say that more archives are to be donated. See our established duojár-archives here:

Maybe you find inspiration for what your own archive is.

#deladuodje and #delavantar are similar campaigns that have inspired us to this campaign.


* When participating in the #muduodjearkiiva campaign with my duodji archive image in social media, I donate the image material to the National Archives in Finland for free use of researchers and other stakeholders, however in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation and national legislation in Finland.

The material is stored in the National Archives digitally as part of the AIDA archive.
Additional information: Sámi Archives, Mob.+358 50 408 3062,