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Carola Grahn



Conceptualism as Material

Carola Grahn was born in 1982 and grew up in Jåhkåmåhkke (Jokkmokk). She has her roots in Tjiehtele (Kittelfjäll) and Ångermanland. Currently she is based on Malmö. Carola is an artist from the Southern Sami area. She is educated at the Royal Institute of Arts, Beckmans  of Design and the School of Photography in Gamleby. Her work has been exhibited at the IAIA Museum Of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) in Santa Fe, Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery in Montreal, Southbank Center in London, Office of Contemporary Art in Oslo, Kunsthall Trondheim and Bildmuseet in Umeå.

She works thematically and idea-based, often in large projects, primarily with materialization of text, installations, and sculptural mediums. Carola's work is frequantly permeated by complex ideas about identity and origin. Likewise, she has addressed the oppression of the Sami in different times. In the works, various problems are illustrated by the viewer being confronted with questions or statements. Her art is open for dialogues at the same time as they have narrative nature and move on the field of conceptual art.

In 2020, Carola Grahn's solo exhibition "I Have Scrutinized Every Stone and Log" was shown at Röda Sten Konsthall in Gothenburg. She was awarded the Asmund and Lizzie Arles Sculptor Prize in 2021 and has written about Sami art for Afterall Magazine, been the editor of Hjärnstorm's theme issue of Sápmi, and self-published the novel Lo & Professorn. Carola has also curated for Sven-Harry's Art Museum in Stockholm and Arctic Arts Festival in Northern Norway.

Carola Grahn's Archive

The archive consists of material from various art projects, concepts, and collaborations. It includes objects linked to the projects "Sami Girl Gang" and "Sami rage", as well as archival material in the form of newspaper clippings, books, and exhibition catalogues. The archive also contains a photo exhibition from 2005, before Carola trained, to which several reservations are attached.


 Carola's archive is not available digitally, so to view her material contact Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum.