Rose-Marie Huuva - Arctic Indigenous Design Archives (AIDA)

Rose-Marie Huuva


Multidisciplinary Artist

Rose-Marie Huuva was born in 1943 in Gabna Sameby and is currently based in Giron (Kiruna) where she has had her studio for many years. Rose-Marie Huuva is a visionary multidisciplinary artist and one of her generation's prominent voices, who has worked with both traditional duodji and dáiddaduodji. As well as an artist, she's a price awarded poet, and a spokes woman in many issues of cultural policies.

Duodji was taught to Rose-Marie Huuva by her mother and originally she also exhibited the traditional kind. The change began on the 1960s, when she first exhibited arts and crafts together and later shifted simply to art. She then continued to work with traditional materials, but used contemporary design. Today her work from the 1960's is known for their timeless elegance.

Rose-Marie Huuva started with accessories, embroidered with tin/pewter thread, and when she switched to contemporary art and public decorations, they still were made of large applications of textiles and embroidery. In addition to thread and textiles, she also uses organic material such as fur, leather, stone and ground in installations and sculptures. Her approach to work is like of a scientific project or an experiment. The art often has a political dimension and addresses issues towards e.g. research of racial biology and the repatriation of Sami remains.

In 1981 Rose-Marie Huuva made debut as the poet, which became her main way of artistic expression.

She was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2001 and received the Rubus Arcticus scholarship in 2003.



Rose-Marie Huuva's archive is based on a dress from 1965 and the rest of the archive gives the garment a context. In addition to the dress, the archive contains: a dress label, a hand-painted catalog cardand a fashion photograph. There is also an invitation to the opening of the exhibition in 1965, where the dress was on display, a well as newspaper article about the exhibition.