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Perisak Juuso


Duojár and Artist

Perisak Juuso was born in 1953 in Nearvvá (Mertajärvi) outside Gárasavvon (Karesuando) where he still lives and has a studio. In his family everything needed was self-crafted, so he has eye for shapes which is based on the deep knowledge of different materials and the tradition of duodji. He is trained in metal and design, but also in pedagogy. Passing on the knowledge of the traditional duodji is something he has felt as his responsibility, and therefore choosed to be also a teacher of duodji at the Sámij Åhpadusguovdásj (Sami education center) and the Sámi allaskuvla in Guovdageaidnu.

Perisak Juuso's work locates inside the boundaries of duodji, dáiddaduodji and art. His primarily medium is wood and horn, but also metal and textile. He is said to be the leading developer of modern duodji today, whose work raises questions of what are innovation and tradition. Perisak Juuso himself believes that the development and renewal of duodji must be based on a strong traditional foundation to ensure meaningful content through quality.

Perisak Juuso has had exhibitions in Sápmi and around the world: in Canada, Japan, USA and Iceland. He is also awarded, e.g. in 2012 with a scholarship from the Sami Art Council.


Instagram @perisakjuuso

Perisak Juusos's archive consists of brochures from exhibitions, reviews and newspaper articles, letters, as well as photographs of both art objects and the creative process.

Part of the archive is accessable only for the students in duodji at Sámij Åhpadusguovdásj and at Sámi allaskuvla.