Inka Kangasniemi - Arctic Indigenous Design Archives (AIDA)

Inka Kangasniemi




Inka Maarika Kangasniemi is an Inari Sámi artist and designer who has her roots deep in sámi duodji. She was born in Rovaniemi in 1978. Kangasniemi is studying Industrial Design at the University of Lapland and she has been working as a planner in the AIDA project. She is also an entrepreneur. 

Her own design business has been piloting the concept of sámi design education and made jewellery design into industrial production.

Kangasniemi’s jewellery art has been on display in many private and co-exbitions in Finland and abroad. Kangasniemi deals with indigenous issues from a global viewpoint and prefers strong contrasts rising from her own identity – she is a Sámi who enjoys the urban environment. In her art Kangasniemi uses tecniques and materials that are familiar in sámi duodji and are easily available for her. Although sámi identity is not the basis for Kangasniemi’s work, the arctic way of living comes  forth strongly.  

Inka Maarika Kangasniemi’s archives is consisted of biographical documents, materials and photos concerning different processes of design.