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Aune Kuuva


Multidisciplinary Artist

Aune Kuuva was born in Nellim, Eastern Inari, in 1940. Her diverse artistic work reaches from arts and poetry to writing plays and children’s books, composing, writing lyrics, making and performing music as well as crafts. She was performing actively around Finland and sang in a local women’s choir in 1980’s and 90’s. 

Kuuva’s started building up artistic networks in 1978 when she participated in a course of creative activity in Sipola college. During that time Kuuva started working on with writing lyrics and composing as well as singing and performing. 

 In the 1990s she released two C-cassettes of music. These are “Äijihkeđki”, released in 1994, and “Kuurâh kullui”, released in 1998. Her latest releases are from 2004. They are the Inari Sami CD “Pálgáh” and the Finnish CD “Pohjoinen mystiikkaa”.

 In 1991, under the pen name Aune Vesa, a book of poetry called “Uáináh’uv ― Oainnátgo” (”Do You See?”) was published with illustration done in cooperation with a nature photographer Martti Rikkonen. 

 Kuuva is known as an artist for her multidimensional installations and doll arrangements with which she depicts in particular the interaction between the Inari Sámi culture and nature. 

Children’s culture and the Inari Sámi identity have had a significant presence in Aune Kuuva’s artistic activity and she has functioned as a reader in children’s programs for Sámi Radio as well as doing installations for the photography in the children’s books “Tuálu faŋgâ” (“Prisoner of Frost”, written by Aune Kuuva, 1994), “Suábi maainâs” (“The Story of the Pole”, written by Petter Morottaja, 1999) and “Riävskánieidâ” (“Willow Grouse Girl”, written by Petter Morottaja, 2000).

Aune Kuuva’s archive consists of photos of her doll projects, illustrations of her story books as well as handwritten musical notations.