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Petteri Laiti



Duojár Petteri Laiti (b.1950) is a pioneer of duodji and Honorary doctor of University of Lapland. His production contains designs from traditional sámi duodji to art duodji as well as unique works from reindeer antler, leather, burl and fine metals, silver and gold.

Petteri Laiti learned since a child how different tools are used as his father crafted sledges, reindeer harnesses, boxes and crates. Thus Petteri began making duodji at school aged in the 60’s by crafting on holidays e.g. butter cases, which he then traded to (trad.) clothes with local traders.

Petteri Laiti began to work in 1965 in forestry and constructions as well as with reindeer herding. In 1972 his brother Ilmari Laiti, who had studied handcrafting and worked at the Laurin paja in Rovaniemi, started handicraft classes in Inari. Petteri was pursued to teach crafting. He then moved to Inari, participated to classes and began his duodji studies. In 1975 Petteri Laiti graduated as handicraft teacher from Lahti Institute for teachers and became formally competent in teaching. From 1980 to 1984 he studied silversmithing in the Goldsmiths’ School of Lahti and soon after got a certificate from Fine Metals Industry. Later the schools emerged into Lahti Institute of Design.

Propably the most well-known part of Petteri Laiti’s career to this day has been originally in 1984 set up Samek LP and its shop in the village of Inari. Over the years business’s nickname Samekki was established, even though Petteri Laiti’s trade name has been Laiti Petteri Ateljé since 1995. The responsibilities over the shop were passed in 2015 to his son, Sami Laiti, who has registraded the trade name officially as Samekki ( 

Petteri Laiti has taken part circa 70 exhibitions in Finland and other Nordic countries, Netherland, Faroe Islands, Italy, Spain, Canada, Northern America, Japan and Russia. He has been rewarded multiple times from his work and received an Honorary doctor title from the University of Lapland in 2019.


Petteri Laiti's archive consists exclusive audio and visual materials: several documents, commercials and short films about his life and work, which have been digitized and donated into the Sámi Archives.