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Sámi Duodji

The Sami handicraft organisation

The Sami handicraft organisation, Sámi Duodji is a national organisation founded in 1993. The founding Sami organisations are "Sámiid Riikkasearvi" (National Union of the Saami People in Sweden) and "Same Ätnam" (National Association Same Ätnam), who are represented on the board of Sámi Duodji.

Sámi Duodji has a nationwide task to promote Sami duodji in Sweden. Their goal is to promote, support and develop issues concerning duodji and handicraft. The foundation also has an important role in transferring traditional knowledge about duodji between generations.

For 25 years, Sámi Duodji has regularly purchased contemporary duodji from active duodjars. In addition objects have yearly been bought from the duodjar who received the Asa Kitok scholarship. This work has generated a large collection of contemporary duodji, consisting of 300 objects made of wood and horn, fur, leather, textile, root, glass and silver.

The collection was given to Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum in 2018. The objects are made accessible through the museum's database, www.collections.ajtte.com/web

Sámi Duodji's archive consists of a collection of about 300 objects. The majority of objects come from the North Sami tradition, but Lule, Pite and Ume Sami, as well as the Southern Sami tradition are well represented. Both sexes are equally present and some of the objects are result of collaboration. Leather and textile are the most common materials, and then wood and horn and finally silver or glass.