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Anna-Stina Svakko




Anna-Stina Svakko was born in 1967 in Giron (Kiruna) and during her childhood she has also lived in Máláge (Malå). Today she lives and has her studio in Bårjås (Porjus). Duodji has always been present in Anna-Stina Svakko's life through her mother, Edit Svakko. Already at a young age she also knew that she wanted to live with and support herself from handicrafts.

Anna-Stina Svakko studied sewing during high school and continued to Sámij Åhpadusguovdásj (Sami Education Center) in 1984. She wrote her masters thesis in Duodji in 1991. She also has taken a pedagogical course in duodji at Sámij Åhpadusguovdásj and Sámi allaskuvla (Sami University). In addition she has attended the Art School in Sunderbyn between 2003-2006. In 2003 she started her company "Astu Design".

Anna-Stina Svakko's work is based on duodji, but today her business is varied. She has worked as a teacher, lectured and given design courses. She has also worked with artistic expressions in various ways. Since 1992, she has regularly had design exhibitions in Sápmi and shown her creations with conceptual features on the catwalks. Svakko's aesthetics are based on an effort to "shock". The form language is at the same time traditional and controversial. She uses traditional materials but also designer fabrics and constantly introduces new elements to her works.


Facebook: Astu Design

Anna Stina Svakko's archive is multifaceted. The material reflect several of her creative forms of expression. It contains objects such as "gákti", wallets and jewelry, as well as paintings, sculptures and sketches. There are archive materials in the form of manuscripts for lectures and notes from various custom orders and exhibitions. It includes a paper clipping archive, posters, as well as a collection of photographs.

An archive register of the content in Anna Stina Svakko´s archive.pdf