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Edit Svakko

(b.1942 - d.2012)

Duodji consultant, duojár and teacher 

Edit Svakko (1942-2012) was born in Vuolip Rádekjohka and lived in Giron (Kiruna), in Máláge (Malå) and in Harads. She was a Sami handcrafts consultant, duojár, teacher, course leader and editor of books.

Edit Svakko studied at the Sami Folk-High School between 1962-1964, where she later also worked as a guest teacher. For many years she worked as a Sami handcrafts consultant first for "Same Ätnam" and then for the Sámi handcrafts association Sámi Duodji. The work involved keeping in touch with duojars from different Sami areas, supervising and developing courses and handling craft exhibitions. Along with local duojars she also worked out patterns for traditional Sámi dresses from different areas.

Edit Svakko was a multi-talent, working with textile materials and with tin/pewter embroidery's. She was weaving and sewing both traditional crafts but completely making new, innovative products. Tin thread, beads, yarn and tanned reindeer skin were materials that she liked to use and also recycled into her works. Reuse of cloth patches testifies of a traditional ecological approach to nature, where nothing should be wasted. An approach that at the same time is both contemporary and modern.

Edit Svakko's archive is multifaceted. In addition to a series of objects, it contains a variety of archival materials. Here you will find a large number of patterns on bags, caps, gloves, coats, bands from all parts of the Sami area. There are sketches and notes from the time as a Sami handicraft consultant and materials related to genealogy research. In addition, there is a collection of photographs and paper clippings. The archive was donated by her daughter Anna-Stina Svakko.

An archive register of the content in Edith Svakko´s archive.pdf