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Ulrika Tapio Blind


Artist and Illustrator

Ulrika Tapio Blind was born in 1967, and she grew up in Gárasavvon (Karesuando) where she has her studio and showroom. She comes from a family where creativity has been fundamental. In Čuovžavuohppi (Siikavuopio) she also shares a studio with her mother and brother. She has often illustrated her mother's books.

Ulrika Tapio Blind studied art and pedagogy at Sunderbyn's folk-high school. The combination of art and pedagogy are reflected in her works. One of her first assignments after the degree was to produce illustrations for the indigenous festival "Davvi Šuvvá" in 1993. She designed the poster and promotional material for the festival using collage, a method she has often returned since.

Ulrika Tapio Blind's main medium is acrylic paint, but she has used a range of other materials and techniques such as ice, snow, textile and oil pastels. At first glance her art tends to be perceived as abstract compositions, but often they depict Sami world-view that is contributed through her modern expression into a new way of portraying Sami idiom.

Ulrika Tapio Blind's list of achievements is both comprehensive and varied; including i.a. working with the Kilen artist group, theater-related projects, as well as exhibitions in the Nordic countries and Canada, Russia, England and France.

Together with her mother, she received the Harry Martinsson prize for her illustration.


Email: tapio.blind@gmail.com
Homepage: tapioblind.se
Facebook: Ulrika Tapio Blind
Intagram: @ulrikatapioblind

The material in her archive is extensive and includes books, art, sketches, applications, postcards, exhibition catalogs, posters, newspaper articles and advertising material.