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Karin Vasara


Fashion Designer

Vasara Karin was born in 1946, Karin Vasara lives now both in Giron (Kiruna) and Gárasavvon (Karesuando), where she grew up. Karin Vasara is a designer, entrepreneur, teacher and expert in leather clothing. She creates and sews custom-made Sámi-inspired garments.

Karin Vasara studied clothing technology in Stockholm and furrier’s degree in Kiruna in the 1980s. Then she started her company Nállugoahti and established her studio in Čuovžavuohppi (Siikavuopio). Nowadays the company carries her name and the studio is located in Giron (Kiruna). In addition to designing clothes, she has created and taught courses in leather and fur sewing at Sámi education center (Sámi oahpahusgovddáš - Inari) and on Sami allaskuvla (Sami University).

Karin Vasara's curriculum vitae is extensive and she has been a pioneer and role model in many areas. She has pointed out her mother has been the role model for female entrepreneurs. In markets, fairs and festivals, via website and her shop Karin Vasara has marketed and sold her bot her custom made and hand-made garments made of traditional materials. Vasara has been present at Jokkmokk's market since 1988. Her clients vary from royalty, bishops, celebrities, politicians to fashion enthusiasts.

A new idea is to rent out special garments for occasions such as baptisms and weddings, among other things for example to Jukkasjärvi ice church. The designed garments are a white full-length cape with kid’s fur pelt with cap and shoes.

Karin Vasara's long experience and pioneering efforts are reflected in her archive. 32 years ago she formed the company "Nállogoahti". Her archive is extensive and includes objects, patterns and test garments as well as marketing materials and newspaper clippings. In addition, the archive contains a large photography collection where her garments are documented.

An archive register of the content in Karin Vasara´s archive.pdf


Karin Vasara talks about her archive (in Swedish):