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We receive, conserve and make archival materials accessable.


The Sámi archives and Ájtte museum services private persons, communities, institutions and organisations interested to donate archival material or to research yet established archives. Sámi allaskuvla's services in the Arctic Indigenous Design Archives (AIDA) are oriented to scientific research and to the students' of the University of Applied Sciences.



Within the framework of the AIDA project, a new form of personal archives were established in Àjtte: the duojárs and artists' archives. They contain materials such as sketches, notes and letters, photographs, posters, promotional materials and material samples as well as objects.

In AIDA's website you'll recognize Duojár Archives conserved in Ájtte from a tag [AJTTE].

Images of objects and photos defined unrestricted are visible in Ájtte's public database and other archival materials can be found from Swedish National Archives' database.

Ájtte Museum's database:
Swedish National Archives Database:

Sámi Archives

All archives donated to the Sámi archives during the AIDA project have been digitized and added into the digital archives of the National Archives of Finland. The original materials are conserved in the Sámi Archives in Inari. Please note that some of the archival materials' visibility may be restricted and accessable only in the reading rooms of the branches of the National Archives of Finland.

In AIDA's website you'll recognize Duojár Archives conserved in Sámi Archives from a tag [SA-FI].

Additional information of customs in the National Archives of Finland:
Digital Archives of the National Archives of Finland: (in English)


The donated archival materials are the heart of the AIDA and requirement of operating. Duojárs' needs and wishes are taken into account when developing archives and planning events. This way donators can contribute to all the new indigenized working methods in Sámi archives and museum collections.

Ájtte and Sámi Archives accept archival material to AIDA from private collections and communities during the project and after. Our staff members in Àjtte and Sámi Achives assists and answer to further questions gladly. E.g. Conditions of donation can be arranged individually within the valid regulations and practises of the archives.

It's also possible for public to visit the archives and to get acquaintance of our work personally.



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