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Keepers of the Tradition

During the AIDA-projects Sámi allaskuvla host education courses on duodji related to Arctic Indigenous Design Archives (AIDA) themes. Here you can find more information on the courses and presentations of some of the students and their works.

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What is Duodji? by Gunvor Guttorm (Professor in duodji, Sámi allaskuvla)


Course: DUO Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts

  • Instruction language: English
  • Subject code: DUO 121
  • Place of study: Online.
  • The course is carried out with virtual tools and workshops.
  • 15 ECTS credits
  • Supportive, elective, or free course in different bachelor’s degrees. Accepted as equivalent to DUO 120 Eamiálbmot duodje- ja dáiddadiehtu course in the Bachelor of Duodji and Design.
  • Curriculum
  • Time schedule to be find at TimeEdit

Sámi allaskuvla/Sami University of Applied Sciences offers a 15 credits online course in Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts. This course will be in English.

The course is intended for students, artists, duojárat, curators, cultural workers and people who are generally interested in the topic. This course celebrates Indigenous experiences within cultural expressions and art. The focus is to emphasize different Indigenous perspectives in the past and the present. You will analyse (the connection between) indigenous cultural expressions and art in critical theories and in the indigenous knowledges. The course consists of lectures, students own readings, study guidance and assignments.

Hope to see You on the course. Welcome!

More information about the course and entry requirements:

Course coordinator: Inga Elisa Påve Idivuoma E-mail:


Past courses:

Course: Duodji and Digital Stories

Duodje- ja digitála muitalusat (eng. Duodji and Digital Stories) -course was held twice in allaskuvla as part of the AIDA I -project. In the Duodji and Digital Stories -course the students learned to use museums and other archives as a basis in their own work with duodji. The students learned also how their duodji products can be visually appealing and how their duodji products carry great stories. Practical production and design of duodji was emphasized when the students were going to practice on producing both the product and the story.

During the course the students used digital technics in producing their duodji story, to make the stories greater and more eye-catching. In the course they immersed themselves in the new designs of duodji and design by getting to know duodji products and duodji artisans in the museums and other archives and experimenting with technics, tools and materials. The students learned to use duodji products from museums and archive documents as basis in their own duodji production and their own creation of duodji and digital stories.

Content of Lectures and Lessons, e.g.: Maja Dunfjeld gave a lecture on traditional Sami patterns, symbols and ornamentations. Jorunn Veiteberg talked also about ornamentations, but about storytelling as well. Gunvor Guttorm shared her knowledge on duodji and how to connect storytelling and traditional Sami handicrafts. Randi Marainen held a silver workshop for the AIDA project. The theme of the workshop was traditional Sami belts. Lena Stenberg lectured on colors, design and 3D design process. Sonya Kelliher Combs talked about her art. She got the inspiration for her art from her culture heritage. Combs is both Athabascan and Inupiaq. Both are native Alaskan cultures. In her workshops the students of Sámi Allaskuvla learned how to craft with materials such as walrus intestines. Johan Kauppi taught the use of InDesign and Photoshop. Students learned how to use the programs in their design process.


Students and Course Outcomes

Niillasa Lásse Monica or Monica Blind-Påve

  • A Small Handbag
  • Belt

Migál Elle Iŋggá Máret Susánná or Marit Susanna Eira

  • Lihkkobaste (Spoon of Luck)
  • Boagánboalut (Buttons for a belt)

Johan Ándde Ánne Rávnná Bireha Biijja Rávdná or Rauna Vieltojärvi

  • Food Bag
  • Handbag


AIDA blogposts of the Duodji and Digital Stories -course:

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