Rauna Vieltojärvi - Arctic Indigenous Design Archives (AIDA)

Rauna Vieltojärvi

Students of Duodji and Design

Johan Ándde Ánne Rávnná Bireha Biijja Rávdná or Rauna Vieltojärvi ancestors came from the area of Eanodat and Kárášjohka, but she now lives in Anár with her family. She is currently a student in Guovdageaidnu at Sami University of Applied Sciences, where she studies Duodji and Design.

Food bag

The food bag that Rauna has sewn is inspired of her great grandmother’s food bag of reindeer hide. The bag has decorations of clothing and prepared reindeer hide. Rauna has heard many beautiful stories about her great grandmother, all though she never knew her. Rauna wanted to sew the food bag in memory of her great grandmother.


The handbag is a new design of traditional Sami materials. Homemade prepared reindeer hide is a material with good quality that lasts. The handbag is for everyday use that travels with the owner.