Enquiry services

The enquiry service of the National Archives helps citizens, authorities and others to obtain required information and copies of documents that are preserved by the Archives, for official purposes, and for other purposes according to available resources.

Reports are received by the registrar of the National Archives. The time of delivery depends on the type of request. Copies of documents are often subject to a fee which usually also will be charged for the time spent on preparing an answer based on research.

How to order

You can order reports from your home computer in the Astia online service (in Finnish). Reports can also be ordered by e-mail, regular mail or telefax, by phone or in person.

Reports are only prepared for themes specified in detail, i.e., the customer should be able to provide sufficient initial information when placing a request. The person's full name, date and place of birth (if known) are needed for person queries. Key questions for other queries include who? what? when? and where? The customer should facilitate answering the request by providing personal contact information, which makes it also possible for the officer handling the request to ask for additional information.

Orders placed via the Astia online service are stored automatically. Report ordered by email must be submitted to the registrar of the National Archives, kirjaamo[@]kansallisarkisto.fi. Other written requests for reports are to be submitted to the registrar of the National Archives, Po Box 258, 00171 Helsinki, Finland. 

Databases of the National Archives are found on the Databases and registers -page. In the Astia online service, you may search for information about the archives stored in different branches of the National Archives, and about the content of the archives. The Vakka archival database also provides information about the records of the National Archives. Information about material of the Finnish Defence administration is available in the Aarre archival register (in Finnish).

Request types and delivery times

The National Archives issues certificates for a fee and prepares chargeable reports based on research. It provides certified and uncertified copies of documents in its custody.

Certificates, reports based on research and copies ordered for official purposes are given priority. Their delivery time is approximately two weeks from receiving the request for, e.g.:

  • genealogies (affidavits) prepared for estate inventories
  • copies of estate inventory deeds, registrations of titles to property, and deeds of sale
  • copies of school reports

The National Archives tries to limit the time needed for reports based on research for other than official purposes to approximately one month. However, if there are many report requests pending receiving an answer may take longer. Extensive research assignments cannot be accepted.

The National Archives also answers queries concerning the archives material in its custody.

Report prices

Reports prepared for official purposes are subject to fixed fees according to the Decree of Public Charges. The price of certificates is based on the number of documents and archives used. For more details, please see the service price list. 

Reports based on research and genealogies requested for other than official purposes are subject to an hourly charge as specified in the price list. Uncertified copies supplied to customers are subject to a charge determined by the method of copying.

The basis for the prices of services produced by the National Archives is regulated in a Decree on fees of the National Archives (issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture) and in the price list of the National Archives.