Reading rooms

The National Archives caters for the needs of scholars and amateur researchers, authorities and others seeking information from records in its possession. Customer services provided at all our units and offices are free of charge for users.

Most records are public and freely available for all interested parties. The staff on duty in the reading rooms will be happy to inform researchers about any limitations of use and guide them to the right source.

Contrary to libraries which have copies of the same books, all documents in possession of the National Archives Service are unique. Despite, e.g., the fact that almost all our units preserve estate inventory deeds, all of them are different. Customers are therefore required to handle the documents as instructed.

An increasing number of document collections have been microfilmed or digitised. Microfilmed materials may be studied in our reading rooms or at libraries as interlibrary loans. The public material in our Astia online service may be viewed from your personal (home) computer, while material requiring permission to use it may be viewed in the reading rooms of the branches of the National Archives.

Do not hesitate to contact the Officer on duty in the reading room: they are there to help you and other researchers.