Pilot project of mass digitisation

In 2019, the National Archives of Finland piloted the new mass digitisation process. 

Five public sector organisations are participating in the pilot project: the District Court of Western Uusimaa, Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Tax Administration.

The organizations transferred data to the National Archives to test the stages of mass digitization. Before the transfer, up-to-date screening decisions ensured that the analogous storage format of the material has no cultural-historical value, which is one of the preconditions for the suitability of the material for mass digitization.

You can read about the results of the pilot in the final report.


The objective of the mass digitisation pilot project was to

  • digitise approximately 450 shelf metres of archived official documents using the new process and technology in compliance with the requirements of digitisation which finally aims to destroy the paper documents.
  • collect information of actual throughput times of as many phases of the digitising process as possible, as well as of the clarity of existing instructions and the need for further instructions.

Phases of the pilot project

During the first phase of the pilot project, the pilot materials were specified on the basis of the mass digitisation roadmap and agreed in a preliminary manner with the pilot authorities. After that, the authorities prepared their materials for digitisation and listed it in compliance with the instructions produced for the pilot project. The instructions will be updated as experience is gained from the pilot. 

In the second phase, the materials were moved to the National Archives of Finland where they were digitised according to the requirements for digitisation process enabling disposing the analogue manifestation. In order to improve the usability of materials, they are also subjected to the optical character recognition (OCR) process which allows text searches to be made from the material.

The results were analysed

After the pilot ended in November 2019, its results were analysed and reported, and preparations began for the transition to production.


Additional information

Pilot project of mass digitisation

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