Employees in the project

Project Manager Aleksi Mainio

AMDr, docent Aleksi Mainio has worked as a university lecturer and historian at the University of Helsinki. He has studied the history of Finland and Russia in the early 20th century and specialised in questions of violence, terrorism and intelligence. He has also studied the history of media during the Cold War and the violence in 1918. In the Finns in Russia between 1917 and 1964 project, Mainio is studying Finns in Moscow and writing a book about the fates of various groups of Finns during Stalin’s Great Purge.



Researcher Ira Jänis-Isokangas

Ira janis-isokangas_kortti

Dr Ira Jänis-Isokangas has been working as a researcher and head of training at the Aleksanteri institute, part of the University of Helsinki. She has been studying the sociopolitical development in Russia and in the Soviet Union with a particular focus on power, resistance, legislation and security bodies. She has also studied the importance of nationalism in the behaviour of Finnish activists and Soviet youth in Georgia. In the Finns in Russia between 1917 and 1964 project, Jänis-Isokangas examines the Finns who ended up in the Ural region and in Kazakhstan and their fates.



Researcher Jesse Hirvelä

Jesse Hirvelä (2)Master of Political Science Jesse Hirvelä is a postgraduate student at the University of Helsinki. He has been studying Eastern Europe, the history of Russia and the Soviet Union at the turn of the 20th century, and Finnish communists in the Russian Civil War. His dissertation focuses on the Finns in Leningrad and Ingria, and their relationship to nationalism and the questions of Soviet nationality. In the research project by the National Archives of Finland, Hirvelä specialises in the fates of Finns in the St Petersburg/Leningrad region and in Eastern Karelia.



Researcher Aappo Kähönen

Kähönen_Aappo_korttiDr Aappo Kähönen works as an Adjunct Professor in political history at the University of Helsinki. He worked for eight months at Lakehead University in Canada as a visiting professor in Finnish Studies before joining the project. Kähönen has studied the relations of Russia and the Soviet Union with Finland from the mid-19th century to the 2020s, with a view of the interaction between foreign and domestic policies. His research topics have varied from relations during the Cold War and controlled economy reform attempts to border policies in today’s Russia. In the Finns in Russia project, he is responsible for examining the status and mobility of Finns in Northern Russia and in Siberia, from Arkhangelsk to Irkutsk.


Planner Ilkka Jokipii

Jokipii_Ilkka_korttiIlkka Jokipii MA is a postgraduate history student at the University of Helsinki. His main research topics have been related to Finland’s civil war. In the National Archives of Finland, Jokipii has participated in updating the War Victim database from the civil war, and in archive research relating to the Battle of Vierumäki in 1918. Jokipii is interested in the fates of Red refugees and digital methods to research history, so he will be responsible for developing the research database for the Finns in Russia between 1917 and 1964 project.



Planner Sami Outinen

Outinen_Sami_korttiDr Sami Outinen (political history) is a social historian. He has studied Nordic social democracy, economy, employment and labour market trends at the University of Helsinki. In the Finns in Russia between 1917 and 1964 research project, Outinen works as a planner in developing an interactive database. He will focus on studying the motives and social impact in Finland of those who moved from Finland to the Soviet Union and back between the two world wars.




Research Assistant Anton Eteläaho

Eteläaho_Anton_korttiAnton Eteläaho has a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Business Administration. He is a bilingual student with Russian as one of his native languages, and he is currently completing his studies in the Master’s Programme in History at the University of Helsinki. Eteläaho is writing his master’s thesis on the life of the Russian adjutant and photographer Ivan Timiriasev (1860–1927) in Finland.