Participate in the research

Everyone interested will have an opportunity to participate in this interesting research, because the Finns in Russia between 1917 and 1964 project will pilot the crowdsourcing of the recording of the research material via the Zooniverse online service.

In the Zooniverse online service, volunteers can help in the research project by recording archive material. Users can see a photographed document, and the system prompts them to enter the key information in the document on an adjacent form. The site gives each of the users more detailed instructions in Finnish before the first document appears on the screen for processing.

At least two independent people must record the same information for the system to mark the document as processed. The material thus created will be used in the research, and the information will be added as far as applicable to the Finns in Russia database that will be completed later.

You can participate in recording research material here.

See the instruction video (in Finnish):


Such crowdsourcing is a pilot project in Finland. If the solution proves functional, it may also be used in other research projects in the future. 

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