World Bank´s report: Managing records and information in the digital environment

World Bank's set of three case studies explores the intersection of openness, digital governance, and
high quality information in Estonia, Finland, and Norway with the aim of identifying lessons
that will support the same objectives in lower resource countries.

Openness, a key aspect ofthe international agenda for increasing transparency and accountability, for reducing public sector corruption, and for strengthening economic performance, rests on the principle that citizens have a right to know what their governments are doing and to benefit from using government information. Goals for open, accountable, and inclusive governance rest on the assumption that trustworthy information is available and can be shared meaningfully through strategies for digital governance.

The three Nordic countries are distinguished by and highly respected for their commitment
to openness and social justice, low levels of corruption, and advanced use of technology to
support economic development and high quality customer service provision. These countries
also are distinguished by their recognition that high quality information is an essential resource
for national development and that managing digital records and data effectively is an essential
state function. Their experience offers valuable insights into the means of meeting international
expectations for using information to support openness and economic growth.

The Right to Information Series brings forward current and ongoing research on issues related
to transparency and the right to information. It aims to provide a range of information on policy,
practice, experience, and frontier issues related to public sector openness and transparency,
including the underlying functions and outcomes of open government efforts.

World Bank Group: Right to Information. Managing Records and Information for Transparent, Accountable, and Inclusive Governance in the Digital Environment: Lessons from Nordic Countries (pdf)