The Executive Board of the ICA endorsed “Guiding Principles for Safe Havens for Archives at Risk”

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The Executive Board of the ICA (International Council on Archives) endorsed “Guiding Principles for Safe Havens for Archives at Risk”. The Guiding Principles are a set of principles providing guidance on archival and ethical principles to be taken into account when planning the transfer of analogue or digital archives or copies thereof to another institution for safekeeping.

The Principles were elaborated by an international working group in a process initiated and supported by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland. Director-General of the National Archives of Finland Jussi Nuorteva was a member of the working group.

                                                                Director-General Jussi Nuorteva

Why were the Guiding Principles developed?

International practice around safe haven solutions for archives at risk has identified a number of ethical and practical challenges. Bilateral agreements between sending institutions and hosting institutions governing safe haven solutions often fail to adequately address fundamental questions, such as data protection, access or obligations to return.

Working group developed the Guiding Principles on Safe Haven for Archives at Risk in order to address these issues and to provide a normative basis for cooperation on safe havens for archives at risk.