National Archives of Finland becomes smoke- and fragrance-free in 2020

The National Archives of Finland will become a smoke- and fragrance-free agency starting from the beginning of 2020.  Smoking will no longer be permitted in or around the properties of the National Archives of Finland. For customers, this decision means that smokers need to leave the premises of the National Archives of Finland in order to smoke.

“The goal set out in the 2016 Tobacco Act is that the use of tobacco and nicotine products will come to an end in Finland by 2030. In the public sector, an increasing number of agencies and other organisations have become smoke-free workplaces, and the National Archives of Finland is next,” says HR manager Anita Patoluoto.

Posters will be used to encourage everyone not to use any fragrances. The excess use of fragrances causes different physical symptoms, such as a runny nose, headache and nausea.

The National Archives of Finland aims to provide everyone with a healthy and enjoyable work environment.

Further information: Anita Patoluoto, HR manager, National Archives of Finland, 029 533 7337