The Yerusha project on jewish archival collections in Finland

The aim of the Yerusha project is to produce archival descriptions concerning major Jewish collections and other related documentation in Finland. At the heart of the project are the Finnish Jewish Archives (i.e. the archives of the Jewish Community of Helsinki) which are deposited at the National Archives of Finland. Besides this, the project will involve other central collections held at the National Archives and its provincial archives in Turku and Mikkeli, and the Archives of the Foreign Ministry of Finland.

The aim is to provide international scholars research tools and essential information about archival holdings concerning the Jewish communities of Helsinki and Turku, and the former communities of Viipuri and Tampere. Besides this, the archival descriptions will include documentation pertaining to the Jewish refugees in Finland before and during the Second World War and the Holocaust.  

The researchers conducting the one-year-long Yerusha project at the National Archives are PhD Simo Muir and PhD Rikka Tuori.

More information about the Yerusha project:

  • PhD Simo Muir, s.muir[@]
  • PhD Riikka Tuori, riikka.tuori[@]