The National Archives of Finland’s customer and reading room services will reopen on Monday 1 June 2020 in Helsinki and on 2 June 2020 in other locations

The reading rooms in the National Archives of Finland’s Helsinki facility will reopen on Monday 1 June 2020 at 9 am. The reading rooms will be open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm.

In other locations, reading rooms will reopen on Tuesday 2 June 2020 with the following opening hours:

  • Hämeenlinna: Tue-Fri, 9 am–4 pm
  • Jyväskylä: Tue–Fri, 9 am–4 pm
  • Joensuu: Tue-Fri, 9 am–4 pm
  • Mikkeli: Tue-Thu, 9 am–4 pm
  • Oulu: Tue–Fri, 9 am–4 pm
  • Turku: Tue-Fri, 9 am–4 pm
  • Vaasa: Tue-Thu, 9 am–4 pm

The opening hours of reading rooms will follow the National Archives of Finland’s normal summer opening hours. Information on possible deviations to opening hours during the summer will be given separately.

More information on the opening hours and reading room services of the Sami Archives can be found here

The services of the ASTIA online service will reopen on 25 May 2020

The ASTIA online service will reopen for making document orders to reading rooms, inter-library loans, and applying for access rights to materials on 25 May 2020 at 9 am.

The loan periods of inter-library loans will be automatically extended to end on 30 June 2020. Other documents delivered for reading room use have been returned to the archives. If you need to continue using such documents as soon as the reading rooms reopen, please place a new order for the documents. As an exception, the military service cards delivered to the Rauhankatu reading room before 16 March 2020 have not been returned to archives.

Customer service takes the effects of the coronavirus into account

All locations of the National Archives of Finland are preparing to reopen their customer services in way that ensures the safety our customers and our personnel. We have reduced the number of seats available in our reading rooms and customer service facilities to ensure visitors can keep a safe distance between each other. More detailed instructions and recommendations for customers will be published by the end of May.

More information: Director Päivi Hirvonen