The Ehrensvärd Society’s 100th anniversary and the Suomenlinna exhibition’s grand opening celebrated on Suomenlinna and at the National Archives

Today 12 May marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Ehrensvärd Society. Its purpose is to inform the public and researchers of Suomenlinna and its history. The “Suomenlinna – A Fortress of Three Nations” exhibition will celebrate the Ehrensvärd Society’s 100-year history throughout the year at the Suomenlinna Museum and the National Archives of Finland. The exhibition’s grand opening was also held today.

The anniversary started by visiting Augustin Ehrensvärd’s grave on Suomenlinna, with representatives of the Ehrensvärd Society, the National Archives, the Naval Academy, the Suomenlinna staff, and Russian and Swedish embassies depositing their wreaths.


Timo Uolamo and Jussi Nuorteva represented the Ehrensvärd Society.


The ambassador of Russia Pavel Kuznetsov and ja the military attaché of Russia Eduard Grigorash.


The ambassador of Sweden Nicola Clasen and defence attaché Kalevi Wikström.


 Augustin Ehrensvärd's grave.

The exhibition at the Suomenlinna Museum focuses on the Viapori navy under Swedish and Russian rule and during Finland’s independence.

The public will be admitted to the exhibition as soon as the coronavirus restrictions make it possible.


The exhibition was opened by Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen.

 Lars Karhunen

Lars Karhunen, Director of Operations of Ehrensvärd Society, welcomed the public to the opening.


The Suomenlinna Museum displays scale models of ships.


The exhibition focuses on the history of the Suomenlinna Archipelago Fleet.

The exhibition at the National Archives demonstrates Viapori’s history from the 18th century up to this day, displaying unique documents and artifacts dating back to significant turning points in Viapori’s history. The anniversary volume describing the history of Suomenlinna and edited by Päivi Happonen and Jussi Nuorteva was also published in the opening ceremony.

The public will be admitted to the exhibition as soon as the coronavirus restrictions make it possible.


Director General Jussi Nuorteva gave a welcome speech.


The exhibition was opened by Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko.


Päivi Happonen and Jussi Nuorteva Toimittajat donated the first copy of the anniversary volume to Minister Saarikko.

 Aivazovski_Merisotalaivaston museo

A picture of Ivan Aivazovsky's Viapori painting can be seen in the National Archives' exhibition.


Map of the 1777 battles of the Philadelphia area.

KUVA 6_Elias Martin laivanrakennus Viaporissa_noin 1760_Göteborgs konstmuseum_LUPA

A painting by Elias Martin about shipbuilding in Viapori.

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