Online exhibition "A soldier's path" is opened - the Continuation War began 80 years ago

The Continuation War started 25.6.1941. The conscripts were ordered to participate in refresher training starting on 18.6.1941. In all 16 divisions and a number of other units were formed in the field army. Late in the summer the number of troops was 630 000 men, a number which rises to 660 000 if women and those obliged to work duty are included. This was a significant amount in proportion to the entire population.

The personnel in the field army changed during the war, when the cohorts of older age were released from military service and younger cohorts were drafted. This digital exhibition, based on documentary sources, follows the war path of one soldier, Toivo Antero Korkalo, from the start of his period of service in January 1942 until he disappeared in the summer of 1944.

Toivo, born in June 1923, was called-up 22.12.1941 and started his period of service 14.1.1942 as a recruit at the Armour Training Centre. He was transferred after basic training from the 12th Infantry Regiment to an artillery company. Toivo disappeared during the defensive battle at Ihantala 29.6.1944, when he was left behind on the battleground, either killed in action or wounded.  

The losses were severe during the Continuation War. Toivo’s fate (missing in action, later declared dead) was shared by approximately 3500 soldiers, according to a database about the deceased, gathered by the National Archives.

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Information about Toivo Antero Korkalo is found in the database about the deceased: