Welcome to follow the seminar on the friendship of Erik Laxman and Daikokuya Kodayu and the Finnish-Japanese co-operation on September 15th, 2022

The National Archives, the Embassy of Japan in Finland and the European Office of the Hokkaido University arrange a seminar on September 15th, which celebrates the 230th Anniversary of  the friendship between Finland and Japan. The theme of the seminar is the friendship of the Finnish explorer Erik Laxman and the sea captain Daikokuya Kodayu as well as Laxman’s pioneering work as a natural scientist and as an explorer. You can follow the seminar on the National Archives YouTube channel  from 9.00 a.m. on September 15th. 

Erik Laxman worked most of his life in Siberia. The wide-ranging scientist worked in the field of botany and zoology, chemistry, physics and religion. He met Daikokuya Kodayu while he was working in Irkutsk where Daikokuya had ended up after the shipwreck. Laxman played an important role in ensuring that the Russian authorities allowed Daikokuya Kodayu with his crew to return to Japan. This started the co-operation with the result that a Russian trade mission was sent to Japan.

The goal of this seminar at the National Archives is to promote the research into the history of science based on archival documents. At the seminar, we will hear the speeches of professor Tanimoto Akihisan and MA Chikage Konishi-Räsänen relating to the friendship and co-operation between Erik Laxman and Daikokuya Kodayu. Further, professor emeritus Markku Löytönen will tell about the significance of Laxman as a scientist and professor Osmo Pekonen will tell about Laxman’s connections to France. The founding words for the Laxman Society are recited at the end of the seminar.

The seminar is open to all those interested in history and the Finnish-Japanese co-operation. Welcome!            

Seminar on YouTube: