Remote borrowing of our materials

You can borrow the original documents to the branches of the National Archives and to external institutions that have acquired borrowing rights.

A remote borrowing order can be submitted in the Astia online service or through the archive/library visited.

Astia online service

Shipping costs for remote borrowing are charged from the customer.

Loans to government agencies may be granted for the purpose of handling official matters.

Remote borrowings are on summer break from 31.5.–31.7.2024.

The following documents are only borrowed in exceptional cases

  • Documents that have been digitised or for which another working copy exists
  • Documents in poor condition
  • Maps and drawings stored separately
  • Photographs, videos and other audiovisual material and electronic storage media
  • Large bound volumes
  • Card catalogues
  • Documents included in non-organized archives
  • Documents included in stored private archives. These materials can only be borrowed if the customer has requested a written permission from the depositor or their copyright owner. If these people are no longer available, the National Archives will grant or refuse permission.
  • Provincial accounts from the period when Finland was under Swedish rule
  • Court records of lower courts before the year 1810
  • Protocols of the lower courts and estate inventory deeds from the 20th century
  • Alphabetical lists of acts and presentation notes of the State Secretariat
  • Journals, lists of acts and presentation notes of the Chancery of the Governor-General
  • Journals, protocols, draft letters and decision concepts and decision and judgement recordings of the Senate and its administrative boards, the government and ministries and departments of the ministries, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and Courts of Appeal
  • Journals, protocols and draft letters and decision concepts of provincial governments
  • Protocols of Cathedral Chapters
  • Land registers and special catalogues of the National Land Survey of Finland
  • Population register documents of parishes
  • Census lists
  • Soldier record cards
  • Official documents under 25 years of age

Depending on the digitisation or other operational requirements, the National Archives may restrict the remote borrowing of other materials than those listed.

Organisations that have received borrowing rights

  • Branches of the National Archives
  • University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio Campus Library
  • Lapland University Library
  • Central Archives for Finnish Business Records
  • Tampere City Archives
  • Tampere University Library
  • Ålands landskapsarkiv (Provincial Archives of Åland)