An information request

You can request information about documents stored in the National Archives or about the information contained in them. You will usually receive a copy of the document in response.

The most sought-after items are, for example, service cards drawn up from military service and catalogues and assessments of the possessions of a deceased, i.e. the estate inventory deeds.

You can also order various certificates and family history reviews drawn up on the basis of documents if you need them for official purposes with authorities.

The primary and fastest way to make a request is to use the Astia service. The service requires authentication, for example with bank details.

Make an information request in Astia service

The request must be sufficiently specific to enable the National Archives to identify the document to which it relates.


The service is subject to a fee. Information requests are subject to a fee in accordance with the National Archives price list.

Restricted material

If the document that is the subject of the information request contains information that is confidential under legislation or otherwise restricted, you must indicate the purpose for which the information is used and give your consent that you will not use the information to the detriment or degradation of anyone else.

The purpose of use must be declared in the Astia service and requires authentication.

Information on delivery times

When your information request for private use contains good initial data (a standard request for information), the order will be processed within one month of its receipt.

An information request requiring special measures will be processed within two months.

If you make an information request related to a matter that concerns the interests, rights or obligations of a natural or legal person, the delivery time is usually two weeks (a standard request for information); the delivery time for an information request that requires special measures is one month.

The delivery time for certificates and family history reviews is about four weeks.

Contact information

In cases where it is not possible to use Astia service, you can also make a request by e-mail, letter, telephone or on the spot at the National Archives.