Some documents are subject to access restrictions

Most of the material stored in the National Archives is public. However, some documents are subject to access restrictions under the Publicity or Data Protection Act, and their use requires granted access rights.

Private archives may also have access restrictions, either under the handover agreement or under legislation. The poor condition of some documents may limit their use.

Apply for access in Astia online service.

Primarily, digitised or microfilmed documents are not made available as analogous.

Please note that digital materials that have access restrictions under legislation can only be used at the customer terminals in the reading rooms at the branches of the National Archives.  

There are no copyright restrictions or other access restrictions of documents that can be digitally viewed in the Astia service (with the exception, however, of those materials that can only be accessed using the terminals at the National Archives). They may therefore be published both in paper form and in electronic form.