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The renewed website of the National Archives – materials are now easier to find

Publication date 11.4.2023 18.00
Press release

The contents are divided into three themes.

We have renewed the website of the National Archives. We made the website structure clearer and improved its usability based on customer workshops and feedback.

The contents are divided into two themes: explore materials and about us.

The index for each section has a search bar for the site’s contents.

The front page is kept for current topics. The Magazine section following the news highlights contains a collection of topical links and subject matters. After these, you can find changing highlighted themes.

As a new feature, each page has a search bar at the top, with which you can search for materials and datasets directly from the Astia service. Clicking the search bar will open a view that has quick search words and links tailored ready for your use. You can close this view by clicking the cross icon.

Give us feedback

What do you think about our new website? What is good, what needs to be improved? Please give us feedback, we would truly appreciate it. With feedback, we can continue our customer-focused website development.