Accessibility statement

Administrator of the website: The National Archives of Finland

This accessibility statement was created on May 29th 2023.

State of accessibility

The accessibility of the service has been assessed by an external accessibility expert.

The website largely meets the A and AA level accessibility criteria required by law (WCAG 2.1), and there are no critical deficiencies in accessibility on the website. The main deficiencies in the online service are described later in this statement.

Non-accessible content

This website does not yet fully comply with the accessibility requirements for the contents listed below. The deficiencies in accessibility will be fixed as soon as our resources allow it.

There are some errors in the page heading hierarchy

The order of the page heading levels is partly incorrect in the HTML code. This may make it difficult to perceive the sections of the page with a screen reader (WCAG 1.3.1).

There are deficiencies in text alternatives for images

There are images on content pages for which no descriptive text alternatives have been defined or the “alt text” definition is missing completely (WCAG 1.1.1, WCAG 1.4.5).

Embedding without explanation

The website contains embedded maps implemented using iframe technology that lack an descriptive title (WCAG 4.1.2).

Search archive function

The Search Archive function found in the header of the website has accessibility deficiencies that may make the use of screen readers more difficult. Such items include the menu that opens in the search field where the user can select quick actions to perform a search.

Files on the website

The website contains files that do not fulfil the accessibility requirements. You can request these files in an accessible format by sending email to [email protected].

Other online services

The website contains links to other online services maintained by the National Archives of Finland that do not fully fulfil the accessibility requirements. Feedback on the accessibility of other online services of the National Archives of Finland can be sent by emailing [email protected].

The accessibility principle and guideline not fulfilled: 1. Perceivable, 1.3.1 Info and relationships

The content not included in the accessibility regulation legislation

The website contains files released before 23 September 2018 that do not fulfil the accessibility requirements and videos released before 23 September 2020 that do not include subtitles.

You can request more information about the non-accessible contents by emailing [email protected].

Accessibility feedback

You can help us to improve the accessibility of our website. If you noticed any defects in our website, please send us feedback by emailing [email protected].

We will respond to feedback within two weeks.

If you are not satisfied with our response or you do not receive a response within two weeks, contact the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. Its website offers information about how you can file a complaint and how it will be processed.

Contact details of the supervisory authority

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland/Supervisory unit for accessibility