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The National Archives of Finland Strategy 2025

Publication date 31.12.2020 0.00 | Published in English on 11.4.2023 at 12.15
Strategian kansikuva

Ed. Jussi Nuorteva & Päivi Happonen


The National Archives of Finland is the leading expert and information service organisation in the management of the lifecycle of public information and a broad infrastructure for scientific research. The National Archives advances the transfer of official and private materials in electronic format, the customer-driven digitisation and diverse use of cultural heritage documents, data management based on artificial intelligence and modern scientific methods, open access to data and sustainable development.


The values of the National Archives of Finland are based on internationally recognised human values, as well as the ethical principles of the archival sector and the research community. The key values guiding the operations of the National Archives are:

  1. Openness and confidentiality
  2. Impartiality
  3. Independence

Service promise

In 2025, the National Archives of Finland will provide its customers with diverse and secure electronic services that make use of the opportunities offered by AI and semantic systems.

It will be a globally advanced and active organisation that develops and utilises new ways to use and archive public information sustainably and cost-effectively. It preserves nationally valuable analogue and digital cultural heritage documents for the next generations. It will strengthen the expertise and professional pride of its personnel and advance cooperation with stakeholders and ethical operating methods that support sustainable development.