Data protection

Data protection refers to complying with personal data processing regulation in the operations of the National Archives of Finland.

The National Archives of Finland processes personal data in order to fulfil its statutory obligation, that is, to ensure the preservation and availability of documents that belong to the national cultural heritage, and to promote their use for research purposes.

The National Archives of Finland ensures appropriate data protection and security of the personal data that it processes. The National Archives of Finland complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU (EU 2016/679), Finnish legislation and the orders and guidelines provided by the authorities. The National Archives of Finland openly communicates about the processing of personal data as part of its operations.

Processing of personal data

Personal data includes all data that can be used to identify a person directly or indirectly. Information such as name, an identification number, occupation, location data, e-mail address, photograph, voice, IP address or even the registration number of a vehicle may constitute personal data to which data protection must be applied. 

Personal data can only be processed when legal justification exists for the processing. For more information on the processing of personal data at the National Archives of Finland, see the section “How does the National Archives process your personal data?”.

What are the obligations of the National Archives in the processing of personal data?

The National Archives has the following obligations, among others:

  • Assessing the risks and impacts of processing personal data
  • Demonstrating that it complies with the data protection regulation
  • Telling the data subject about the processing of personal data
  • Appointing a data protection officer
  • Communicating any personal data breaches.

What are the rights of the data subject?

The term data subject is used to refer to the person whose personal data are being processed. Read more about the rights of the data subject at the website of the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman. 

To exercise your rights, you can deliver a specific request to the registrar of the National Archive at or by post (address: P.O. Box 258, 00171 Helsinki, Finland).

Requests that concern information stored at the National Archives can also be directed to the authority or private operator that gathered or prepared the information.